FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSTo save you some time....

What is the cost of producing a video?
This is a common question, but a tough one to answer. It is difficult to give a rough estimate for a video cost without understanding the brief clearly. There are many factors that play a role – existing material, scripts, talent (actors/models), production crews, location hire to name but a few. As with anything, there are ways to keep costs sensible or to go all out, depending on the budget available. We’d be happy to give you a realistic estimate once we’ve sat down and gone through your requirements.

Do you work with advertising agencies or directly with clients?
We’re very happy to collaborate with your agency, as they normally have a good understanding of your brand. In the past, we’ve worked together with numerous agencies, local and international, to produce some great work. However, we’re also set up to take a client on ourselves and have the resources (and experience) to handle project execution from start to finish, as our direct clients will attest.

Do you rent equipment and crews?
We take great care of our equipment, which can be difficult to manage with rental equipment. Having said this, we do make exceptions, so should you have specific rental needs that we can help with, do let us know.  We also have access to great crew, local and international, that we may be able to put you in touch with.

Do you facilitate for the foreign production companies?
In the early days, we used to do this often. Right now, we’re more focussed on developing our own clients and projects here in Qatar, so would only facilitate in exceptional cases, for example, on a very unique project with a highly respected production company.

Do you provide computer animations?
Yes, we do. Simple animations are done in-house, while the more complex ones are outsourced to Doktor Fried, a highly talented team based in Serbia, whom we represent in Qatar.

What format do you film in?
Depending on the project requirements and the budget, we film using HD cameras that we own, or rent locally. DTM owns Canon 5D Mark III, SONY FS-700 (for filming super-high speed up to 900 fps), and Canon C300 cameras. For big budget productions, we use ARRI Alexa. DTM also owns a wide range of prime and zoom lenses, and we film directly to video field recorders in ProRes HQ to ensure uncompromised quality of footage. We also have the option of filming in 4K on our SONY camera.

What is your delivery format?
We can deliver anything from uncompressed HD to Bluray, DVD, Digital Betacam and variety of files for use on web, playback, download etc. Ideally, we are briefed beforehand on the usage of the project, so that we can output the best quality file for that purpose with our superior hardware and software compressing solutions.

Can we order footage of Qatar from you?
Certainly. We have an extensive library of professionally filmed HD shots of Qatar that we license or sell to clients worldwide. We can also film specifically to clients’ requirements.

What other services do you provide?
DTM is a fully equipped post-production company, so we provide editing, sound recording, mastering, delivery and many other related services.

Do you produce websites and apps?
Yes - we have a long-standing multimedia unit with great references!

Can I submit my CV/showreel?
We currently don’t have any vacancies, but feel free to submit your showreel/CV to for future reference or to join our database of freelancers. Please don’t email large attachments – best to send us a link.